Charli's Chooks egg deliveries

We deliver fresh free-range eggs to the Grindleford area every Thursday evening for £2.40 per box of six — other times by arrangement. Just drop an email to and we will add you to the round.

Waxing lyrical

Burning news

We managed to finish the autumn with a slight surplus of wax so I decided to try my hand at candlemaking. After a bit of research (aka Google) I settled on a 1:1 blend of beeswax with palm oil. Pure beeswax was tempting but it seems that the candle is liable to crack when the wax cools.

More snow

Snow scene
Second snowfall of the season

Charli's Chooks have had their second dose of snow for the winter. This time they weren't quite so non-plussed and they came out for a look around. But I imagine they will spend most of the day in the house.

One slight problem with the snow last time is that it tends to weigh down the electric fence and make it earth on the ground. So I will have to check on that again later.

First snowfall

Snow chooks
Who took away the grass?

Charli's Chooks had their first taste of snow this morning — and they were not keen. I was surprised just how much snow there was at the chicken patch. The hens live at around a 1000 feet, 600 feet or so above the village where only some chilly rain was falling at daybreak.

Autumn is well and truly here

Variety is the spice of life
An autumn treat

Whether it is the clocks changing or the cold weather this week, I'm not sure, but there is a definite feeling that winter in on the way up at the chook patch. We have had our first couple of overnight frosts, although the hens seemed perfectly happy, snug and warm in their hen house. Food consumption has, however, dropped noticeably, and I expect egg numbers to fall a little too. Don't worry — there are still plenty to go around!

The price of success

ManukaHere's an interesting piece from the Guardian about crime in the New Zealand manuka honey industry. There are occasional reports of hive thefts in the UK — but they are thankfully rare.


Go to work on an egg

Egg citing news
Egg-citing news

'Go to work on an egg' was a 1950s advertising campaign pushing eggs as a healthy breakfast. Since then, eggs have had a mixed reputation when it comes to health. But a swathe of more recent research has suggested what we knew all along — that eggs can play their part in a healthy diet.