Stamping ground

The egg stamp including our producer number has arrived. Our eggs should be in the shops soon!

Practical Self-publicity

Charli & I are the cover stars (well, after the chickens that is) of April's Practical Poultry magazine — get your copy today!

First look at our new rooster

Here is a photo of our new 'Rhode Island Red' rooster. He's been in quarantine for a few days but we should be introducing him to a few ladies over the weekend.

Counting my chickens before they are hatched!

Eighteen hatching eggs have gone into the incubators today, meaning that in 21 days we should have some fluffy little chicks!

I love spring time — it's so full of potential and hatching our own new hens is one of the most exciting aspects of the new farming year.

We popped over to see Rawmarsh chicken breeder Pete yesterday to pick up the eggs and he was kind enough to show us round his allotment set up. I'm suffering from severe chicken envy now as he has some really lovely birds — however, I'm glad not to be his neighbour as he must have at least six cockerels!

Recipe of the week: Egg and lentil curry

Who gives you eggstra?

The number of ingredients may seem daunting for this curry made from first principles but the end result is well worth the small hassle – such a tasty dish and really satisfying!


The latest news from Charli's Chooks
The latest news from Charli's Chooks

Our hens live at over 1000 feet and sometimes it is handy to know how cold it is up there (to know how many sweaters to put on or so you know the water drinkers are likely to be frozen). Enter the Chicken SMS system (aka the Chookmaster 1000).

Bee feeding

Nectar of the gods?

We usually feed our bees on fondant in late winter. But when the queen start laying again they might need something more substantial. This year, from mid February, we have been trying 'Candipolline Gold' — a mix of pollen and sugars. They seem to have taken to it well and hopefully it will give them a good start to the season.

Recipe of the week: Mushroom, rosemary and parmesan quiche

Ready to be eaten by a real man

I’m not sure why, but I can never remember if we have mushrooms when I do the weekly shop, and this can result in a humongous fungus mountain in the fridge! This recipe is  good for using them up.