New Charli's Chooks

Heritage Skyline
A 'Heritage Skyline' has her first outing with Charli's Chooks

We have acquired 20 more hens to help meet the demand for Charli's Chooks eggs. The bulk of the newcomers are the brown-egg laying 'Warren' chickens. But we also have two 'Brahma' chickens — easily identified by their frilly legs. To boost the blue egg count we are trying out four 'Heritage Skyline' chickens which have beautiful feather colouring. 

Not feeding pheasants

Charli's Chooks have a mixture of devices to eat from. Most are modern, plastic troughs or round feeders that work well enough. But we found this old pheasant feeder lurking around on the farm and pushed it into service. The chickens certainly like it and it has two advantages. Firstly it will take about 10kg of feed so it only needs filling up once a week or so. Secondly it can be closed up at night to keep out any little raiders.

How do you mend a chick?

Can you guess what this is? Yes, you're right, it's a hair elastic with two earphone rubbers slotted on to it. but what possible use could that have?

Well the answer is this little gismo has saved a chick's life. One of our four chicks hatched with a condition know as splayed legs, where it cannot bear weight on its legs. This means it would not have been able to get to the food of water and if left to its own devices would have died.

However with the help of my hair bobble and earphone rubbers I made a hobble which I slipped onto the chick's legs to hold them closer together and within 24 hours the chick had kicked off the hobble and was scooting around with the others - magic!

Hive inspections

Inside the hive

We've taken advantage of the warm weather to undertake our first serious hive inspection of the year. As you can see the bees are healthy — in a far better state than this time last year.