Off to the heather

The bees have made their annual migration to the heather. It's not an entirely 'natural' move involving a lot of carrying and a slightly scary ride in a Suzuki Vitara. Meanwhile the heather is starting to flower and at the very least they will gate a late-season boost. At the best we'll get a few supers of lovely heather honey.

In the pictures you can see a few branches around the hive entrances. These make the bees reorientate themselves as they leave the hive. This helps reset their internal navigation giving them a better chance of finding their way back home. They have been moved about 3km — that is a bit borderline for them flying back to the old hive location, making the branches a worthwhile extra precaution.

2017 'Padley Honey' now in stock

Our first honey crop of the year is ready for sale. This spring our hives were on land near Padley Chapel so we have branded it accordingly — and donated some to the chapel for fundraising.

Fresh local wildflower honey is a real treat. We are selling it at £5 for an 8oz jar. We can deliver in the Grindleford at the same time as our eggs. Drop an email to if you are interested.

Tell them about the honey, yummy

Fresh from the comb: honey flows out of the centrifugal extractor

Last week we extracted our first honey of the year. This is a 'spring' flow; the main gold rush comes during July. The bees have had a mixed year, mainly because we had to move them twice. But they have worked hard enough to make 20 pounds or so of honey. We should be bottling it in the next week or so. If you are in the Grindleford area, drop us an email and we can add you to the delivery list.

Hen of the month: July

Hen of the month : July

Here is our July hen of the month. You can see 'Livy' now on boxes of Charli's Chooks eggs.