2-4-6-8 sublimate!

Midwinter is the best time to give the bees a final treatment for varroa mites for the year. We use an oxalic acid based treatment which will kill any mites living on the bees. I won't affect mites living on young bees inside brood cells — hence it needs to be done in a period when there is no brood in the nest.

This year we tried sublimation for the first time. This involves using a vaporiser connected to a 12V battery. The method is not without problems. The entrance has to be blocked, the acid makes the bees seriously unhappy and they try to get out.

My only tip is to choose as cold a day as possible — this is when the bees are least active and will cause the least amount of trouble.

Candles available now

Our beeswax blend candles are now available at the Grindleford Community Shop. So you can all pop in and relive the Two Ronnies "Four Candles" sketch....

The photo shows our high-tech production line which was overhauled this year (I bought some longer matches).

December's hen of the month is Noella

Noella is very excited about her first Christmas and she is already looking for a place to hang her stocking. She is one of our home-bred Columbian Blacktail hens. 

See her on boxes of Charli's Chooks eggs at the Spar shop in Calver or via our Grindleford egg round.