Candles for sale in Grindleford Village Shop

Our hand-poured 100% beeswax candles are now available in Grindleford Village Shop. We've done a lot of testing on these to get the wick size right. As a result they burn lovely and cleanly — and for a long time as well. All the wax is from our own hives in the Hope Valley and they are hand-made in Curbar. They make great stocking fillers.

Living close to the edge

We moved our hens onto new pasture this week. Regular rotation keeps the pasture fresh, the hens healthy and the eggs tasting great. It also gives the hens a different view of one of Derbyshire's famous millstone-grit edges.

Two honeys are better than one

We now have two honeys for sale. Heather honey has joined our already popular wildflower honey. Heather honey is a premium product gathered for just a few precious weeks at the end of summer. During late July we move our strongest hives to land adjacent to Eyam Moor to gather a crop from the purple-flowering heather.

This moorland honey is thixotropic — it is a gel rather than a liquid — due to the type of nectar produced by the ling heather. The resulting honey needs special processing equipment. We use a traditional honey press to squeeze it out of the combs before filtering the golden harvest through linen to remove and bits of wax. This extraction destroys the valuable honeycombs, which is one of the reasons for the higher price.

Candles will be available soon

Here is a look into our state-of-the-art candle making plant. We are doing a couple of test burns and pours and pure beeswax candles should be available soon.