Eggs build walls

Eggs and walls have a chequered history together (think 'Humpty Dumpty'). But sales of Charli's Chooks eggs actually help us repair the many dry stone walls around Rocklands. Defra also chip in with a Countryside Stewardship Scheme: Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant. Here is three tons of locally reclaimed stone ready for Dave at Trees and Walls to get to work.

So keep buying the eggs and we can help maintain one of the traditional features of the Peak District.

Swarming time

The hot-cold-hot spring caught us out a little this year and we had a few swarming problems around the apiary. Catching swarms is fairly easy when they are on a low branch like this. Swarming bees are generally very docile and not much in the mood for stinging.

This swarm is now in a new hive ready for the summer.