Beeswax candles


We have tried our hand at making hand-dipped beeswax candles. After a test burn we can say they produce a nice clean burn. They also burn very slowly so we expect at least 8 hours burn from the approx 10-inch candles. 

They should be available to buy on the egg round soon. 


Charli's Chooks goes contactless

We can now take contactless (and Chip & PIN) payments from our egg-round customers. Hopefully that is good news for those of you who, like us, are a long way from the bank.

Cleaning up

As the beekeeping year starts to ebb away, there are always cleaning up jobs to be done. We try and re-use as many wooden frames as we can from our hives. Often these are replaced because the foundation is old or, more rarely, the colony has died or swarmed. Cleanliness is vital in beekeeping so we steam the wax out of the frames with a Thorne 'Easi-steam'. Then the frames get a boil in washing soda solution in an old Berco boiler rescued from the back of a garage.

This should mean they are sterile and ready to be rebuilt with fresh foundation for one of next year's new colonies.