Chicken Run II

New henhouse

We are planning a small expansion of Charlis Chooks. We'd like to bring the henhouse pictured (5m x 2.6m x 1.7m high) down to Rocklands Farm at Curbar. Please could you spare a few words of support for our planning application with the Peak District National Park?

You can comment online.

The extra hen house will help us meet the demand for our eggs and put our business on a more sustainable footing. Other points we consider support our plans:

  • All of our eggs are sold within five miles of the farm — brilliantly low carbon and friendly for the environment
  • People can buy food at a local shop (White's, Calver) that come from less than a mile away
  • Local food for local people!
  • We think it is important that our land is being used productively to contribute to the local economy
  • We buy locally, use local contractors where we need them, and we bank locally
  • And of course the eggs taste great because our hens spend their days grazing on fresh pasture

At the moment the henhouse is unused — the picture is from a year or so ago. Also the small solar powered light pictured on the front will be removed. We love the Curbar 'dark skies'.