First snowfall

Snow chooks
Who took away the grass?

Charli's Chooks had their first taste of snow this morning — and they were not keen. I was surprised just how much snow there was at the chicken patch. The hens live at around a 1000 feet, 600 feet or so above the village where only some chilly rain was falling at daybreak.

Out and about
A rare adventure into the snow

Up at the 'High Chookeral', it was deep and crisp and even. The hens stood in the popholes and stared for a while. One found her way onto the roof and then flew over to one of the shelters. A couple edged around the house on the thin strip of grass in the lee of the coop, but for the most part the hens stayed in the warm. I took pity and moved their food and water in there for a hen "duvet day".

A couple of hours later I cleared a strip of grass with the shovel and they piled out for a look around. They are going to have to get used to snow sometime.

Path cleared
Clearing a path