Two honeys are better than one

Twice as sweet

We now have two honeys for sale. Heather honey has joined our already popular wildflower honey. Heather honey is a premium product gathered for just a few precious weeks at the end of summer. During late July we move our strongest hives to land adjacent to Eyam Moor to gather a crop from the purple-flowering heather.

This moorland honey is thixotropic — it is a gel rather than a liquid — due to the type of nectar produced by the ling heather. The resulting honey needs special processing equipment. We use a traditional honey press to squeeze it out of the combs before filtering the golden harvest through linen to remove and bits of wax. This extraction destroys the valuable honeycombs, which is one of the reasons for the higher price.

Recent research in Ireland has found that their local heather honey had just as many health-giving antioxidants as the fabled (and hideously expensive!) New Zealand manuka honey. And we are sure ours is just as good as the Irish stuff! Regardless of any health benefits, heather honey has a distinct taste and colour, perfect for adding a taste of the last days of summer to cereals, yogurt or a slice of toast.

Ask for it on our egg round or at Whites in Calver.